About JX

JiuXin ,tungsten carbide steel round bar solution leader

JiuXin, Founded in Hsinchu City in 2014 , Initially, tungsten steel round bar grinding and welding are manufactured, Constantly committed to improving product quality and new product development, Currently a professional manufacturer of tungsten steel cutting tools. We reach customer requirements with a cordial, dedicated and professional spirit. We can provide the following products:

Rods  precision  grinding h6   

Carbide Burs and Blanks

Nail Drill bits

Carbide Cutting Tool  (like endmills, burrs, reamers, drill bits, round shank bits)


Waste tungsten steel round bar solution         Waste carbide round bar solution

In 2015, the company launched an innovative imitation new tungsten steel round bar. Remanufacturing tungsten steel scrap (waste milling cutter, waste drill bit, scrap tungsten steel round bar) and activating the material process, saving a lot of cost for the factory. Suitable for milling, drill and various tools in the mechanical, aerospace and electronics industries.